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Branch: US Army
Company: Winder Arcylic Abstracts
Title: Artist/Musician/Nuclear Technician

About George Winder

US ARMY VETERAN George was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa.  He decided he was an artist while still in his early teens. He was always attracted to and impressed by people who could "DO STUFF" that most people couldn't.

People like: musicians,  painters,  sculptors,  glass blowers,  and people that could draw what they saw. He was always attracted to vibrant colors. (At three years old he dressed himself in all red to go out and play.)

In the late 60s he discovered graphic artist Peter Max, abstract artist Salavdor Dali, illustrator Roger Dean, and a few others that made him want to paint. So, he started painting on anything he could paint on. Since he had no understanding of 3D  he was limited to just colors and shapes, but he got a lot of positive feed back on what he was painting. Once he got to high school he found out he couldn't get art classes (something he was looking forward to) because he was an "ACADEMIC" student, and those students didn't have art or shop or home economics classes.

Academic students were students that arrived in high school with a history of good grades. So, that meant he would get no training from high school. While in high school he was also in orchestra as a percussionist, marching band as a drummer, and jazz/dance band as a drummer. In the jazz/dance band he felt he couldn't express himself, which further frustrated him, so he quit.......everything at 17. At age 20 he enrolled in a drafting class so he could understand 3D. He was doing great in that class.

Everything was coming so easy for him. His instructor was constantly asking him if he had ever had this training before. Since the class was free it ended up being cancelled. At age 21 he enlisted in the US ARMY so he could finish high school and go the the college of his dream....Philadelphia College of ART. Three years later he was a freshman there. Knowing it would take him decades to paint like  the masters, he decided to choose grahic design as his major.

Two years into it the honeymoon came to an end. He needed a job so he could have things like, a nice place to live, to drum and to paint in, art supplies,  a car to get aroung the big city, not to mention a girl friend. Six years later he discovered the nuclear industry. And that required him to travel the country  from plant to plant, coast to coast.

He did that for decades. Finally, he settled in California and recently started painting again. He has never had an art show, never submitted art anywhere due to his lack of time to actually paint.  Currently he's hoping he is at his last "job" and looking forward to finally building his art resume and being recognized as the natural artist he has always been.

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