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JAMM The Artist

Status: Civilian, Indie Artist
Company: JAMM
Title: Founder/Artist

About JAMM The Artist

Justin A. Metoyer Mullon, aka JAMM the Artist, is a multi media artist in the SF Bay Area with Afro Creole roots. Born into our world of conflicting ideas and paradox, Justin is a lifelong student of the questions “why?,” “how?” and “when?”.

“In childhood, I loved learning about how things came to be, and still do. I was fascinated by dinosaurs, mythology, outerspace and theories about the origins of life . I filled binders and reams of printer paper with drawings of real and fictional characters, creatures vehicles and worlds. Creative art, social justice, the sciences and spirituality unified my interests and aspirations as a teen.”

As a young adult Justin earned a degree Africana Studies from San Francisco State University, where he was introduced to the art, philosophy and civilizations of the indigenous world that most schools fail to share with their students in an authentic way. Justin’s art is deeply inspired and informed by his studies and self reflexive practice Since 2014, Justin has worked as an educator in visual arts serving students of all ages and backgrounds throughout the Bay Area.

Drawing, painting sculpture  serve as a bridge to connect with and explore the individual and intergenerational journey towards healing. Justin believes art is a path to reclaiming creativity, empowerment, and spiritual connection. As an educator he creates connection with students by recognizing that they are whole human beings, with dreams, hopes, visions,  knowledge and experience of their own. His aim is to bring out the light within, reminding each students that they are a star..

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