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Nicholas Garza

Branch: US Army National Guard
Company: Torrid Comics
Title: Founder and Comic Book Artist

About Nicholas Garza

Nicholas Garza is a self-taught comic book artist from Fresno, California. He has been creating art his whole life and has been creating comics since high school. 

Nicholas began his push to work professionally as an American comic book artist in 2013. He started off by learning the process of creating comic books from start to finish. Soon after he was searching the Deviant Art forums to look for any work he could get. That led to a 5 page short. 

After getting his feet wet, Nicholas started creating his own characters. He joined up with a local writer to create a single-issue anthology. Two short stories featuring his characters and two other shorts.

Nicholas then decided to start going to conventions art in hand, to show to anyone willing to look. At his very first outing, he met Shane Will, who would soon boost his creative skill a thousandfold.

Shortly after meeting Shane, Nicholas began work for CK comics, Shane’s self-published company. Nicholas would go on to push out many issues. Starting with ‘Tomorrow’ and leading into the team-up book, ‘Incursion.’

While working for Shane, Nicholas would continue to self-publish his own characters under his company Torrid Comics. He works diligently at home after working his day job, to create unique and fun superhero stories for all ages. 

Nicholas continues to pursue his goal of working professionally for the bigger companies while also self-publishing his own characters.

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