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Veteran Comic Con Spotlight: Anthony Dubose-McCree

2 Jan 2020 11:39 AM | Veteran Comic Con (Administrator)

Veteran Comic Con Spotlight: Anthony Dubose-McCree

Veteran Comic Con is proud to feature Veteran Comic Book Artist, Anthony Dubose-McCree in our Veteran Comic Con Spotlight.

Anthony served in the US Marine Corps and served three tours of duty in Iraq as a Rifleman. Anthony put his life in danger for our country and earned the purple heart for a wound taken while in combat. Anthony retired from the Marine Corp under honorable discharge.

Anthony’s love of Comic Books started early.

As a child, Anthony picked up a love for DC Comics and Marvel characters like Spider-Man and Batman. In High School, Anthony Dubose-McCree joined VAAMP (Visual Arts and Academics Magnet Program). While in VAAMP, he cultivated his love for art by learning many different art styles such as metal work, painting, pen, and ink, etc.

Anthony used his GI bill to earn his Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Arts and Animation. He then followed his dream to publish his first professional comic book.

Veteran Comic ConAnthony Dubose-McCree’s aka “Crumb  Bum the Artist”
Comic Book Series: “Carciness” and “J”

Anthony Dubose-McCree is most known under his pen-name “Crumb Bum” and for his comic book series, Carciness and J.

Anthony has currently released four finished titles under the Crumb Bum name.  Carciness #0, and “J” #1, 2, and 3.

To check purchase Anthony’s work, visit


Veteran Comic ConHow Veteran Comic Con and Anthony Dubose-McCree work to inspire Veterans:

Anthony is more than an artist; he also gives back to Veterans by instructing Veteran Artists and their families on how to create their own comic books.

Anthony knows first-hand how comic book art can be used as art therapy.
“Whatever feelings that I might be holding in, I’m able to put it on to my characters,” says Anthony Dubose-McCree.

For Veterans, comic books combine artistic expression through illustration, self-exploration through narrative, and community interaction through readership and comic book conventions.

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