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Veteran Comic Con for Military Families, Veterans, and Comic Book Fans!

8 Jan 2020 2:27 PM | Veteran Comic Con (Administrator)

Bring Joy to Veterans and Military Families at Veteran Comic ConVeteran Comic Con for Military Families , Veterans, and Comic Book Fans!

 “Over 40 percent of Active Duty members and of Reserve component members have children, with an average of two children per family.” - DoD

Veteran Comic Con was created to give back to Veterans and their families. Sadly, American Veterans and Active Duty Military often suffer from PTSD or other forms of hardship from serving their country. At Veteran Comic Con, we hope to ease the pain endured by Veterans as well as their families by providing joy!

What better way to do that then with comic books?

Military Children Serve TooVeteran Comic Con

As Veterans ourselves, we understand that not only do our brave soldiers sacrifice for our country – but so do their families!

It can be difficult for children to watch their Military parent leave for months at a time, often to combat zones. It can also be difficult to move to new locations as a child of a soldier (military dependent). “Active-duty military personnel move an average of once every two to three years,” according to DoD statistics. Being deployed to a new state or even foreign country means children of military parents must change schools often and even lose contact with their childhood friends.

Our dream is to bring those families a little bit of joy – which is why we created Veteran Comic Con. We offer comic book art lessons, a yearly convention, and other programs for children of veterans and service men and women. Studies have shown that art can be therapeutic, but do we really need a study to know that Comic Books help bring joy to children and people of all ages?

While Veteran Comic Con is not strictly for children, it is definitely a big reason we exist! In fact, Veteran Comic Con is not only for military families, but for comic book lovers of all backgrounds.

Veteran Comic Con is for EVERYONE!

You don’t have to be a veteran, active duty military, or military dependent to participate in Veteran Comic Con. In fact, we recommend all comic book fans join in.  Having more people that are active in Veteran Comic Con means we have that many more people to spread joy to.

Whether that means registering for our Comic Con as an attendee or with a booth, donating for support, or volunteering – we welcome all comic book fans at Veteran Comic Con.

In conclusion, get involved and support our military veterans and their families!

You can give back by sharing our website with your friends: or our Social Media links: on Facebook by visiting and Twitter by visiting

And be sure to check out our Blog on “3 Easy Ways to Give Back with Veteran Comic Con.” Also, consider making a small donation or volunteering with us as well. We thank you for your support! All donations over $50 will receive a free Swag Bag. Veteran Comic Con is a 501(c)3 non-Profit Organization Tax ID 83-4231867.



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Veteran Comic Con is a 501(c)3 non Profit Organization Tax ID 83-4231867
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